Quality Home Birth Care

Birth is normal. God created birth and God created the woman’s body to be able to give birth without needing intervention in most cases.

Prenatal Care

We see mom for regularly scheduled 45-minute prenatal visits. We follow moms through the normal course of pregnancy, build relationship, educate, and pay attention to her body, mind, and spirit to identify when special care is needed.

Labor & Birth

We are on call 24/7 and support the mom to move freely and birth wherever she desires including in water. We trust the birth process and are simply present as a safety net if anything requires our skills, medicine, or equipment.

Postpartum Care

We remain on call 24/7 for our clients immediately after the birth for any urgent medical concerns for mom or baby through 6 weeks postpartum. We perform heart and hearing screenings for baby and file for the birth certificate.

Meet our team!

NBKC founding midwife, Debbie Perry, believes in the sustainability of midwifery care, which is why she has formed a team of midwives and students to provide quality care to NBKC clients.

Debbie Perry

CPM, NBKC Founder/Owner

An ICU and labor and delivery nurse for 7 years, Debbie became a practicing home birth midwife in 1989 and founded Natural Birth KC midwifery practice in 2010 in Kansas City. She has trained many midwives & desires to make natural birth known as God's good design. Her favorite part is helping a mother find the 'trap door' of "I can do all things through Christ who IS my strength" it changes a mother's approach to life.

Gloria Hines


Born into a homebirth family and raised in homebirth culture, Gloria has had fearlessness instilled into the fiber of her being surrounding birth. She began her Journey in the labor and delivery world in March 2017 first as a doula, then graduated and became in CPM in March 2021. Her favorite part is watching women lean on the Lord and trust their intuition and through the process becoming transformed.

Leah Fellers

Student Midwife, Admin

Leah started her journey by being fascinated by women's health from a very young age. She has a passion for birth, body literacy, the menstrual cycle, and achieving natural fertility. Leah is a certified doula, a certified fertility counselor, and a certified Menstrual Health coach. Her own home birth in 2014 opened her eyes to the support women could be offered to have strong, empowered, successful natural births. By being a student at Natural Birth KC, she hopes to aspire to be a beloved midwife at this practice

Karla Nichols

Karla Nichols

Student Midwife

Karla is a firm believer that children are a blessing from the Lord and is an admirer of His marvelous design of both the mother and baby’s body for natural birth. As part of a large closely connected extended family, she discovered a natural gifting and true passion for serving mothers in childbirth. She is always seeking to increase her understanding and skills to better serve mothers. She is a certified doula, and has trained in Body Ready Method (BRM), and Spinning Babies.

Delia Pearl

Student Midwife

Delia is a certified labor and postpartum doula. She has been doing birthwork since November 2020 and has 7 of her own children. She is currently working to fulfill her childhood dream of becoming a midwife. Her favorite part of midwifery is being able to serve a mom in her most vulnerable time.
Her dream is to rewrite the story for what postpartum should look like, making it as important as pregnancy.

Alyssa Thomas

Alyssa Thomas

Student Midwife

Alyssa knew she wanted to be a midwife after experiencing the beauty of midwifery care with her own six homebirths. She became certified as a doula and is now excited about taking the next step by becoming a midwifery student. She and her husband John just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary. They have three grown sons, three children still at home, and one rambunctious grandson. The most moving part of birth for Alyssa is recognizing it as a time when a woman is both at her most vulnerable and most powerful moment in her life.

What our clients are saying...

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